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Patient Education

When you face a cancer diagnosis, our goal is to make sure we educate you about every step of your cancer journey – from diagnosis through recovery. We want to make sure you understand what to expect, how treatment works, risk factors to watch for, and when to contact us.

Below are some information videos. In addition, click here for a list of helpful patient resources.

Understanding Cancer: How to Get Started When You Face a Diagnosis

Chemotherapy: Risk Factors Due to Low White Cell, Red Cell, and Platelet Counts

Other Side Effects of Chemotherapy: Nausea, Hair Loss, Mouth Sores

Meet Our Social Worker: A Valuable Member of Your Care Team

ECHO’s Unique Palliative Care Program: A Team Approach to Helping You Navigate Cancer

Learn about immunotherapy and some of the key side effects of treatment.

Patient Information

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Identifying skin cancers>

How to assess a stool sample>


We are Here for You!

Our nurse navigator, Tami Chapman, RN, will meet with you throughout your treatment and can be reached at: (860) 886-8362. Your doctors and nurses are also available to answer questions.

Our Triage line can be reached at: (860) 886-8362 x301. The triage line is helpful for general questions about medications, treatment, or to discuss with a nurse a symptom/side effect. It is not for emergencies.