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ECHO brings Personalized Cancer Research to Our Patients: Taking Steps Forward in Comprehensive Genomic Profiling

As a provider that is part of the OneOncology national partnership of independent oncology practices, we are able to bring the latest advancements in research directly to our patients. One of these exciting advancements includes the recent launch of MyTACTIC Precision Basket Trial.

Comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) is changing the face of oncology. Studies have shown that CGP can be crucial in determining the right treatment for cancer patients by testing tumors for genomic alterations.

Genomics is the study of genes and their function. Genomics aims to understand the structure of the genome, including mapping genes and sequencing the DNA. Genomics examines the molecular mechanisms and the interplay of genetic and environmental factors in disease.

Our newest clinical trial, Targeting Actionable Mutation Study in Cancer, is offered in partnership with OneR and Genentech. This Phase II clinical trial will evaluate targeted therapies in patients who have advanced solid tumors with genomic alterations or protein expression patterns predictive of response. We are pleased to be part of this trial which is being offered across the nation, along with other community oncology centers throughout the United States.

Dr. Axel Grothey, MD, Medical Director, OneR, and Director, GI Cancer Research, West Cancer Center, shares, “MyTACTIC realizes the promise of personalized cancer therapy by providing access to targeted treatment approaches to patients in a community oncology setting, where the vast majority of cancer patients in the United States are receiving care, while also advancing scientific discovery.”

For more information on clinical trials, please contact Dr. Susan Johnson, Director of Research  sjohnson@echoct.com or 860-886-8362.

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