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Access to the Country’s Leading Clinical Trials

Many people believe they need to travel to major cities or hospitals to participate in the most current clinical trials. That is simply not the case; ECHO provides access to some of the leading clinical trials that are available in the country. We provide access to clinical trials offered through leading academic centers including Memorial Sloan Kettering.
Our staff is committed to research and offers the latest clinical trials for oncology and hematology conditions. We offer patients the possibility to participate in clinical trials, an option sometimes available only in academic centers. The ECHO team has shown their commitment to being at the forefront by participating in many clinical trials, as a part of large cooperative oncology groups (ECOG, NSABP and ACORN) or industry-sponsored trials. 


Clinical trials are required to follow very strict guidelines. 

  • Each clinical trial is overseen by a chief investigator, usually a doctor, who develops a protocol for the new medicine. 
  • Each protocol has specific criteria regarding who may participate, how many patients will participate in the study, how the drug will be administered, and how the information regarding the results will be gathered.

Every center participating in a trial follows the same protocol, insuring that all the information gathered will be true and accurate.