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Ripple Effect

The ripple effect is a situation in life in which when one thing occurs, it has a direct effect on other situations and the chain goes on and on and on

At ECHO, we see this effect all the time – when one of our staff goes above and beyond and the positive impact ripples down to our patients and team members. Below are 4 recent recipients:

Becky Bailey was nominated by Cyndi Przekop. 

Becky was nominated by Cyndi P who was approached by a patient to share how amazing Becky was. He said she was pleasant, professional, and just overall a really wonderful person. The patient said that right out of the gate she made him feel comfortable and welcomed. It was the first time that Cyndi has ever had a patient seek her out to give a compliment to one of the nurses. Congrats Becky!

Annie Evola and Peggy Pepin were nominated by Christie Beausoleil

Peggy and Annie were nominated for assisting a patient who was being transported by the senior center. They walked the patient downstairs, spoke directly to the senior center, and waited with the patient to ensure they were able to get on the transportation okay. This was also at the end of their day!

Bunny Smith was nominated by Tami Chapman

A patient told Tami that they were having a really terrible day but that when she arrived for her appointment, Bunny took the time and sat down with the patient. The patient said that all of her frustrations melted away, specifically noting that “Bunny has the most remarkable way!”

Sheena Chapman was nominated by Laurie Roberge

A patient needed a CT scan ASAP and when Sheena went to book it, the soonest the patient could get in would be too far out. Sheena took the initiative to call Mystic to see if they could do it any sooner and they were able to get the patient in within 2 days. Sheena pulled out all the tricks to get the patient in quickly.

Previous Recipients

Carissa Contillo

Congratulations to Charge Nurse, Carissa Contillo, who was nominated in December of 2021 to receive the Ripple Effect Award by Tami Chapman.

Tami shares: “Carissa has been working non-stop rescheduling nurses and patients along with Taking Charge responsibilities, mixing, shot chair (while in charge) – all to be sure our patients continue to get the care they need.  Plus, she makes us all laugh!”

Carissa – thank you for stepping up in the way you did. We are VERY lucky to have you.

Peggy Pepin

Medical assistant, Peggy Pepin, was nominated for the Ripple Effect Award by Cyndi Przekop. Here are some of the many reasons why Cyndi chose to nominate her:

  • She recently found out a pharmacy couldn’t fill a script for Ensure, so she literally sat on the phone and asked the pharmacy to try multiple ICD codes.
  • She noticed a patient who looked cold in the waiting room. She brought that patient a blanket when she went to get another patient
  • She goes above and beyond to ensure patients are comfortable. She will her bring patients drinks or anything they need.
  • She stays on top of billing and anytime a team member has an issue, she jumps on it immediately.
  • She walks patients out to their cars if she recognizes that they are struggling.
  • While in rooms, she is constantly heard talking with patients, taking the time to really listen to what their needs are and connect with them.
  • She does all the things about for the right reasons, not for recognition. She is true team player.