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Connected Care: Supporting ECHO Patients with the Care of Chronic Conditions

At ECHO, we know that facing multiple chronic conditions can be very challenging for many of our patients. That is why we are pleased to offer a new Chronic Care Management (CCM) program called Connected Care.

This program helps you manage chronic health conditions outside of your regularly scheduled office visits – at home, whenever you need us. You can text our office through Connected Care anytime for help with appointments, refills, advice, or anything related to your health. Our team at Connected Care will also check in with you regularly to keep you healthy and out of the hospital.

About Connected Care

Connected Care is a program for our patients who are diagnosed with 2 or more chronic conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, and others. A dedicated team member is assigned to assist you with:

  • Developing and managing a comprehensive care plan
  • Checking in on your health via text messages and/or phone calls
  • Managing your medication
  • Educating you on best practices for managing your chronic conditions
  • Coordinating your care and visits with your healthcare providers

Program Benefits

No more phone tag. Text us anytime.

Not feeling well? Need a refill? Have a question? Simply text us at your convenience. Handle all the little things faster without waiting for a callback or scheduling a visit so you can spend more time doing what you love.

A personal healthcare assistant. Text your care team for help with:

• Scheduling appointments, follow-ups, and sick visits

• Questions about your health, medication, and symptoms

• Requests for refills, referrals, lab results, and more

Your very own health coach. A dedicated care manager to help with:

• Personalized care plan to help you achieve your health goals

• Weekly health reminders, tips, and assistance via text

• Monthly care plan review to keep you on track

Your Partner in Care

ECHO’s Connected Care team members are here to provide ongoing support via text message – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also message them directly with any questions or concerns.

(860) 968-0293

We encourage you to communicate regularly with your care manager. We’re always glad to hear from you, and it’s important that we know how you’re doing. If you feel like you are receiving too many communications, we can modify to meet your needs.

Costs of Connected Care

Like your other healthcare needs, this program may have a small copay depending on your insurance. Many patients do not incur additional charges. Connected Care helps prevent unnecessary hospital visits and will save you hundreds of dollars for each prevented visit. If you decide that the program is no longer valuable, you can unenroll at any time.

Get Started with Connected Care

Please contact us at (860) 968-0293 to learn more about the program. We can answer questions, see if you qualify, and get you enrolled today.