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How to Reach Us

During Office Hours:

You may have questions and need to speak to someone at the office.

Our business hours are:
Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm
and we can be reached at (860) 886-8362.

An operator will take your call and forward the message to the person who can help with your question or concern.

Our expert phone nurses are available to answer any questions. Occasionally they may need to consult with your doctor and call you back with the answer. This system allows our doctors and nurses to continue to see patients in the office while meeting the needs of patients at home.

For billing related questions, please call (860) 410-6378.

After Hours:

Our on-call service is available on nights and weekends. Call our main number at (860) 886-8362 and the on-call team will guide you on next steps.