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Meet Our Social Worker

Heather Kwasnick, MSW, LMSW

The role of the oncology social worker is to help patients, families, and caregivers deal with the experience of facing cancer. Social workers are educated and skilled to assist with the psychological, social, emotional, and spiritual issues that people have to deal with in oncology.

At ECHO, we are pleased to have Heather Kwasnick, MSW on our team to help patients face the complex issues surrounding cancer. This includes providing emotional support, as well as assisting patients with logistical issues.

Heather works closely with patients and their loved ones, and provides guidance in the following areas:

  • Coping with a diagnosis and the emotions you may experience
  • Providing emotional support and counseling to you, your family, and caregivers
  • Improving your quality of life
  • Understanding what it is like to live with cancer
  • Understanding your financial benefits and insurance coverage
  • Applying for financial assistance programs
  • Accessing copay assistance programs for drugs
  • Finding transportation to medical appointments
  • Making decisions regarding your treatment and other areas of your life
  • Filling out and filing an advance directive
  • Talking with your treatment team, family, and friends
  • Finding local support groups 
  • Connecting you to community resources

As an oncology social worker, Heather plays a valuable role on your healthcare team. Let her serve as your advocate and help you every step of the way. She can be reached at 860) 886-8362, x237 or by email at:

In the short video below, meet Heather and learn about her role: