Patient Education Services | ECHO Associates

A Beacon of Light on Your Cancer Care Journey



We place a strong emphasis on educating patients and their families. ECHO Associates wants you to understand everything surrounding your diagnosis to ease anxieties, such as:

  • Your medical condition
  • Different treatment options
  • What to expect once treatment begins
  • Clinical trials available
  • Symptoms to watch for during treatment

Upon diagnosis, our nurse educator will spend time with you and your family to discuss your medical condition and address any questions and concerns. We have a dedicated resource center with a wide range of helpful materials. 

While there’s a wide range of information available online, a lot of it is unreliable or incorrect. 

We strive to equip our patients with the facts, share valuable information, and help you stay informed without becoming overwhelmed. 

Our nurse educator and nurse navigator are always on hand to talk with patients and continue the education process throughout treatment and recovery.