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What to Expect

Lab Results

Phlebotomy refers to the procedure of drawing blood for a laboratory test. Many of the decisions about your treatment are based on your lab results. You may be asked to wait until the tests have been processed before you receive chemotherapy or leave the office. Some test results are not immediately available; these can be obtained later from your doctor or nurse.

Chemotherapy Suite

When you arrive in the chemotherapy suite, a nurse will review your lab work and chemotherapy orders. The nurse will ask questions about how you are feeling and whether you are experiencing any problems. The nurse will then prepare your chemotherapy and/or other medications. Your chemotherapy cannot be mixed before your visit because we must first check your blood counts. These results may affect whether you receive the treatment or an altered dose. Your friends and family are welcome to sit with you in the chemotherapy area as space permits.


Before you leave the office, please stop at the reception desk. We will schedule your next visit, set up any tests your doctor may have ordered, and answer any questions you may have about the appointment process.