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After the Storm Gifts the ECHO Foundation a Generous Grant

Cancer exacts a huge toll on the physical, emotional, and spiritual state of patients. To help survivors who have waged this battle, After the Storm Foundation is dedicated to supporting patients in the aftermath of their diagnosis and treatments and helping to restore balance to their lives. This month, they have generously donated $5,000 to The ECHO Foundation to help cancer survivors with integrative medicine costs.

The ECHO Foundation is a unique, non-profit organization dedicated to providing support services, guidance, and education to cancer patients and their caregivers. Their goal is to address each patient’s individual needs so that no one lacks care or comfort while living with cancer. The ECHO Foundation supports patients of Eastern Connecticut Hematology and Oncology (ECHO) which provides expert hematology and oncology care to patients across Eastern Connecticut for over 30 years. ECHO President, Dr. Dinesh Kapur, shares “We are honored that The ECHO Foundation was the recipient of this wonderful grant for the second year. Our patients are true fighters and have faced so many challenges. Our Foundation is instrumental in supporting patients as they navigate through all stages of cancer treatment and recovery.”

Integrative medicine is a holistic approach to wellness that combines conventional medicine with alternative therapies, which may include chiropractic therapy, acupuncture, massage, yoga, meditation, and more. After the Storm Foundation was founded in 2009 by cancer survivor, Christine Willet, who found integrative medicine was immensely helpful in managing the side effects of her cancer treatment. The foundation holds several fundraising events during the year, with proceeds going to benefit integrative medicine programs that help cancer patients heal the mind, body, and spirit.

Dana Dowdell is Director of the ECHO Foundation and explains, “Integrative medicine has been instrumental in helping our patients with the healing process. We collaborate with ECHO providers and Norwich Holistic Health Center. This grant will help us ensure that cost is not a barrier to patients and will support our cancer survivors in taking advantage of the wide range of excellent services that they provide.”

The ECHO Foundation is immensely grateful to After the Storm and their commitment to helping cancer survivors continue on the path from survival to embracing living again. To learn more about this organization, visit