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Bringing Light to Dark Times

Photographer David Zapatka with his work.

We are pleased that photographer David Zapatka has put 10 of his beautiful portraits on display in our newest infusion center. David just recently released his newest lighthouse coffee table book – USA Stars & Lights: Portraits from the Dark. It is a wonderful sequel to his 2017 book Stars & Lights: Darkest of Dark Nights, and readers can follow David’s adventures as he visits historic beacons deep into the night.

This is an important and historically significant photographic collection with many previously unpublished night lighthouse images from seventeen states. Utilizing high-end cameras, oftentimes arriving in darkness by boat, and occasionally using a special 20-foot tripod, David’s trained eye and specialized lighting bring to life more than 160 lighthouses like never before.  

Below our staff admires his work:

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