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Looking for Healthy Volunteers for a Clinical Trial

Clinical trials help inform our understanding of cancer and improve prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and care.They play a significant role in the development of innovative and potentially life-saving therapies. 

There are many new exciting clinical trials on the horizon. Trials may be designed to test the effectiveness of new drugs, combinations of drugs, surgical procedures, or biological molecules that can may be predictors of future cancer.

You Can Play a Role in Cancer Research

Are you a healthy individual who would like to participate in a clinical trial to help identify biomarkers which may identify cancer at very early stages?  Healthy is defined as at least 50 years old and never diagnosed with cancer.  The sponsor is offering a $50 visa card for blood collection and completion of a brief questionnaire. 

Please contact Dr. Susan Johnson at sjohnson@echoct.com to learn more about participation. Click here to find out about the many different clinical trials at ECHO.

Why I Chose to Participate in a Trial
Cancer has touched the lives of many of my family members. If it weren’t for clinical trials, some of them wouldn’t be here today. When I heard about this trial looking for healthy participants, it was an easy decision. Dr. Susan Johnson provided an overview of the study and sent a short health questionnaire. Then I came into the office and met with her for about 15 minutes to review the study and discuss the rules in place to protect the rights and safety of people like myself who participate in a trial.  After signing the paperwork, it took just a few minutes to give a few vials of blood. I feel good that my specimen may play a role in someday helping clinicians diagnose cancers earlier which can lead to better outcomes. 

Please contact Dr. Susan Johnson at sjohnson@echoct.com to learn more about participation in this study.

Learn More About Our Current Trials

ECHO is proud to offer over two dozen clinical trials with new ones being added all the time. Our research team is always looking for trials that can benefit our patients. Click below to learn more about our current trials and what it entails to participate. Talk to your doctor today if you think you may be a good candidate for a trial.