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Cremation Services

Below are some forms from Luddy Cremation Care.

  • Cremation Permit. It is marked with small “X’s” where the legal next-of-kin, should sign/ fill out…Part III: Custodian of Body. Please give permission for another person to pick up the cremains if you so wish to do so in PART V.
  • Brookside Crematory Authorization. This form allows the crematory to do the cremation. Please have the next-of-kin sign/fill out where it is marked with a star or “X”.
  • The Vital Statistics form. This information is used to help them complete the death certificate. Please fill out everything, even occupation (whatever they did for the longest amount of time.)  Please do not put “disabled,” “retired, ” or “unemployed.”
  • Copy of a contract for the cremation. It lists the things we will be helping with to get the cremation done. The total, with transportation,  minimum containers, a plain black urn from the crematory is: $999.00

*Legal next-of-kin is: Legal spouse. If no spouse, then adult children. If no children, then living parents. If no living parents then sibling…and so on, in kinship.

 Once the forms are filled out, they can be scanned back into an email, but we will need the originals on file, which can be mailed to us at the following address: 

Luddy Cremation Care
205 S. Main St. 
New Britain, CT 06051