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Employee Spotlight: Peggy Pepin, Medical Assistant

Peggy Pepin, Medical Assistant

 Her Background

I was a nurse for 45 years. I’ve worked in all areas of the hospital from Critical Care to surgery. My favorite time was as a visiting nurse, I was also certified as a wound and ostomy nurse.

What you do to make a positive difference in the lives of your patients

I hope that I give each patient the care, attention, and support they need with each visit. I love everything about working at ECHO! From the physicians, especially Dr. Yang, to management and the nurses and staff. I feel proud to work with such a caring and professional group of people.

What She Enjoys Most About Her Role at ECHO 

I felt so blessed to be hired by ECHO. I love the personal care given to the patients. It was as close to home care as I could get. The patient is treated as an individual and they are supported along with their family.

What I do outside of work

Outside of work I enjoy walking, reading and playing with our new puppy. I always enjoyed traveling…but due to COVID that is no longer easy or pleasant. We lived in so many places and traveled around the world. We met so many wonderful people and had wonderful experiences. I’m so glad we did it when we were younger and could. Now I’m content to enjoy my family and the ability to work at ECHO.