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Employee Spotlight: Riley LePage

We are fortunate to have the most incredibly dedicated, caring, and hard-working team at ECHO. We have decided to highlight some of our exemplary employees each month and share what makes them such valuable members of our team.

Riley LePage

 Her Background

While in high school I got my CNA license and worked in an ICU right after that. This sparked my interest in specialty care and from there I worked in a few offices, from psychiatry to nephrology. I then found my way here to ECHO and have been here for a little over two years! As soon as I interviewed, I fell in love with the office atmosphere. I started as a medical receptionist, then trained and worked as a medical assistant, and now as the Patient Experience Supervisor I oversee medical records and the front receptionists, as well as ensure that patients are having a good experience while at ECHO.

 Why She Chose Hematology/Oncology

I chose hematology and oncology because it’s always challenging. There are always new things to learn about and it is very fascinating how disease, disease progression, and chemotherapy treatment all work. Besides the science aspect, I chose it because my heart is full when I get to help people, and at ECHO we are always striving to find new ways to help our patients.

 How She Makes a Positive Difference in the Lives of Our Patients

To make sure patients have a positive difference in their lives, I make sure I do all that I can to make life a little easier. Because of the nature of the diseases of our patients, just taking one little extra step can change everything for them. I try to always do this for every patient I can. 

What She Enjoys Most About Her Role at ECHO 

The patients are by far the most enjoyable part of my role at ECHO. I love getting to know patients and their families and providing care for them in all ways possible. ECHO’s patients truly become family to us; we laugh together, are emotional together, celebrate victories together, but also face the hard times together. It means so much to me that the patients trust us so much that they allow themselves to be emotional and vulnerable with us. It’s a great feeling to be someone patients can lean on no matter the situation, and they trust you to handle it.

What I do outside of work

Outside of work I am a full-time college student. I spend any free time with loved ones, cuddled up with a cup of coffee and a good movie, or drawing.