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Employee Spotlight: Sylena Stabley, CMA

We are fortunate to have the most incredibly dedicated, caring, and hard-working team at ECHO. We have decided to highlight some of our exemplary employees each month and share what makes them such valuable members of our team.

Sylena Stabley, CMA

 Prior Authorization Associate

 Her Background

 I have been with ECHO for 16 years now. I started as a medical assistant working with the doctors and ARPNs. Currently I work primarily as a prior authorization associate but have had many other responsibilities in between.

 Why She Chose Hematology/Oncology

Straight out of the certified medical assistant program, I worked for a surgical group and enjoyed it very much. After a few years an opportunity presented itself to come work at ECHO. I came to the office and walked around for a bit. It had the same buzz then that it does now. It was busy and bustling and I loved it. I saw a chance for new challenges; something really important was going on there and I wanted to be a part of it. And so the journey began…

 How She Makes a Positive Difference in the Lives of Our Patients

 This is a hard one. There are the front liners and then there are the unseen. I’m not saying we go unnoticed, but the patients don’t know much about the underground and complex systems at work to ensure this most difficult time in their lives goes as smoothly and as stress-free as possible. But that is okay. I feel I make a positive difference for our patients because I will do whatever it takes to get the best treatments and medications approved for them by their insurance plans. I will read research articles online to submit with difficult cases and watch online conferences offered by insurance companies or other oncology outlets offered to me to make sure I have the most up to date information to succeed in my job responsibilities. 

My mother gave me a kidney about 5 years ago. She was the healthiest person I knew. Then a few months later she got a cold. She never smoked, never drank. She took a multivitamin. Her cold got worse and then it was lung cancer. Not only was it lung cancer, she had a mutated cancer. I was devastated. And then I started reading. I researched everything I possibly could. And this is what I do for my patients. I do whatever I can to make a positive difference. When I get an impossible case approved by insurance, I get tears in my eyes. 

What She Enjoys Most About Her Role at ECHO 

My role at ECHO is like a grocery list – some of this and some of that. But what do I like about the grocery list? I’ve worked in most areas of the office, so I know some stuff. I love that I can help in a lot of areas. I love that my coworkers know they can come to me with anything. Whether they have questions or need advice, I’ll do everything I can to help them. I love the day-to-day challenges of the cases I work on. I love that even after 16 years, I learn new things every day. I love the group of ladies I work closely with every day!

Her Life Outside of Work 

I have had diabetes since I was 10. My kids used to call me a cyborg. A lot of me came from someone else – my mom’s kidney, some toes are artificial, and I have a gastric pacer. So clearly my hobbies and interests have changed a bit over the years. I still love to read and I love solving murders (podcasts, documentaries, so don’t get nervous). I love to snowmobile in the winter, love to ride the side by side in the woods and get muddy. I love to be with my kids, when I’m cool enough to hang with, and I love to be around my large, loud, and sarcastic Irish family. Family is everything!