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Exciting News about OneOncology

ECHO is proud to be a part of OneOncology. OneOncology invests in and collaborates with practices to deliver comprehensive cancer care in communities. They invest in practices to help them grow within their local markets, diversify across multiple specialties, apply data insights and leverage technology to strengthen performance. ECHO shares their commitment to strengthening independent community oncology practices so we can continue to deliver the highest quality, cost effective cancer services. On April 20th, they made an exciting announcement. See details below:

Announcement April 20, 2023:

The growth-oriented private equity firm, TPG, and our long-time distribution partner, AmerisourceBergen, have combined to offer a winning bid for OneOncology at a $2.1 billion evaluation. 👀 

TPG will be the majority owner and AmerisourceBergen will be a significant minority investor. Together OneOncology’s affiliated practices, physicians, and management team, TPG, and AmerisourceBergen will form a new joint venture.

OneOncology’s founding vision of significant physician ownership remains. OneOncology will continue to be led by physicians.

Dr. Jeff Patton, MD: “OneOncology has been focused on strengthening independent oncology practices by helping them grow and deliver high-value cancer services, and General Atlantic’s involvement and investment have been central to our success. As we look ahead, we are excited to continue building the platform in partnership with TPG, a proven investor in the healthcare provider space, and AmerisourceBergen, a healthcare leader with significant capabilities and solutions for community oncology practices.”

Click here for the full press release.