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Genetics Risk Assessment Program

When a family member has struggled with cancer, it is understandable to be concerned about your own risk. Cancer often develops by chance; however, in some cases there are genetic factors that increase your likelihood of developing certain types of cancer.

Early analysis of risk factors is important and can impact genetic testing recommendations, frequency of cancer screenings, and proactive steps to minimize the likelihood of developing subsequent disease. ECHO’s Genetics Risk Assessment Program can not only protect you but can also provide useful information to protect your loved ones.

Our experienced team provides the following services:

  • Provide individual risk assessment for people who have had family members with cancer.
  • Formulate a family pedigree to assess cancer risk for the individual and his/ her relatives.
  • Recommend appropriate screening procedures for cancer genetic testing.
  • Provide genetic testing for hereditary causes in high-risk individuals and relatives.
  • Recommend dietary and other lifestyle changes, medications, and surgical procedures that can reduce the lifetime risk of cancer for those with certain cancer predispositions.
  • Evaluate patients with an established diagnosis of cancer for certain genetic mutations which may result in recommendations for additional screenings for the individual, as well as other family members.  
  • Review your results of testing and determine the appropriate next steps.

Meet Our Clinical Genetics Team

Our team is specially trained to help you understand genetic conditions, assess your risk of being affected by certain cancers, and support you in making informed decisions about testing and treatment.

Dennis E Slater, MD

• Medical Oncology & Clinical Immunology, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, NY 1981–1985

• Board Certified in Internal Medicine in 1980 & Medical Oncology in 1985

• Certified Cancer Risk Assessment Program, City of Hope Clinical Cancer Genomics Community Practice in 2020

• Practicing Medical Oncology, Hematology, and Clinical Immunology in the Norwich Community since 1985

Susan Johnson, Pharm D

• Director of Clinical Research, ECHO Associates

• Clinical Pharmacist at William W. Backus Hospital 1990–2005

• Medical Director of Research at ECHO Cancer Center since 2006

Katelyn Spence, APRN

• Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

• Certified Cancer Risk Assessment Program, City of Hope Clinical Cancer Genomics Community Practice 2018

Getting Started

If you are concerned about your risk of cancer based on your family history, talk to your healthcare provider, who can schedule a referral to our Clinical Genetics team. We will then schedule a consultation with you, discuss the appropriate next steps, and share our notes with your referring physician. As with all medical care, your privacy is of utmost importance and all medical records will be strictly confidential.