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Going the Extra Mile for Our Patients

When you are battling cancer, you should not have the added concern that you don’t have the money to get to/from critical healthcare visits.

We at ECHO want to be able to lessen the financial worry associated with rides to and from our office. That is why our team is partnering with UberHealth to arrange rides on the behalf of patients in need.  UberHealth allows us to remove barriers to care by setting up a reliable Uber experience for healthcare rides, accessible 24 hours a day.

With support from our ECHO Foundation, we have been able to lessen the financial burden for patients who are struggling and are able to ensure that patients and families can make it to the office for their scheduled appointments and are able to get home.

We have had the honor of providing transportation to over 150 patients since January.

We have been able to collaborate with radiation downstairs with scheduling to ensure a patient is able to have transportation to come to both specialty offices.

If you or someone you love has specific requests for transportation, please call the office and speak with Heather Kwasnick, MSW to discuss further. She can be reached at hkwasnick@echoct.com / (860)886-8362, x237. Or, contact Christie Beausoleil at (860) 886-8362 x 228.

If you would like to make a donation to support the ECHO Foundation, click here.


Question and Answers on Transportation Assistance
How is it determined if a patient is eligible?
One of the first things we do is look at a patient’s active insurance(s). If they have active Husky or Medicaid insurance, the patient will need to set up their transportation through Veyo at (855) 478-7350. Our social worker can teach the patient and or family to set up transportation through Veyo – this would have to be set up by the patient for ongoing transport needs. If Veyo does not show up for a scheduled pick-up, we will send an Uber to pick up the patient if we are called in a timely manner. See instructions on the bottom of this page for details on setting up a Veyo ride.
If the patient has private or commercial insurance and needs assistance, we will provide Uber rides as needed. We will need to confirm that the patient has no other way to get to/from the office and that the patient is unable to drive.

Who assumes the cost of the UberHealth ride? 
Our ECHO foundation has a grant to cover transportation needs. These rides are medical rides only. We will provide rides to and from this office to home. We will provide rides to and from Norwich Holistic Center and or another medical office. If you would like to make a donation to support the ECHO Foundation, click here.

Who sets up a ride for the patient?  
At this time, only a staff member at ECHO can set up an Uber transport for a patient. We provide Uber your name, best contact number, pick-up address, office address, and date of appointment. 

If we utilize a home phone, someone from Uber will call your home phone number. We are then able to request a specific, pick-up time from your home.

Please make sure to call Uber back if you screen your calls as this is the way that Uber confirms that you need a ride. If you do not return the call, you will not be guaranteed a ride.

Please ensure you are waiting outside and have a mask. Masks are mandated with all rides.

If we utilize your cell phone number, you will receive ongoing texts from Uber.

It is the patient and or the family’s responsibility to respond to these text messages and set up your transportation.

What happens if a ride is late or you need to contact the driver?
If a patient is actively awaiting an Uber ride and the driver is running late, the patient needs to contact the driver. Riders who have received text confirmations via cell phone should be able to refer to prior text messages to get driver information and contact number.

What should a patient do if he/she is struggling and could use some help with transportation?
Please call our social worker, Heather, for any support needs. Call (860) 886-8362 extension 237. You also can reach out to Christie Beausoleil at (860) 886-8362 x 228.