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Healing Hands Make a Difference!

ECHO is proud to work with Healing Therapies Thru Sharing. This wonderful Holistic Wellness Center, located in Waterford, offers body work modalities and mindfulness practices for those facing the challenges of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

On April 7th, members of our team were pleased to attend their annual Fishing for Friends and Funds fundraising event. Thousands of dollars were raised to support this incredible organization so they can continue to provide services at low or reduced costs to cancer patient. Dr. Kapur was pleased to receive a certificate of honor in recognition of his continued vision and focus to provide independent, comprehensive, and personalized care for hematology and oncology treatment.

ECHO’s is honored to work with Healing Therapies, and other outstanding service providers, who make such a positive difference in improving the lives of cancer patients in our community.

Click here to learn more about Healing Therapies.