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Helping Our Patients Reach Life’s Milestones

Below is a heartfelt letter to Dr. Yang and team from the family of a valued patient. We are so thankful that we were able to help our patient reach this very special day.


Dear Dr. Yang and Staff,
Thank you for ALL that you did to help our Mother during her journey with Breast Cancer. Each of you played an important role in helping her through her cancer diagnoses, surgeries, and chemo/radiation treatments.
We are thankful she was able to attend many important events, especially the weddings of two of her grandchildren in 2019. These weddings were a BIG DEAL to her and a goal that helped her to keep going.
These past two years have been difficult for those working in healthcare. We are grateful for your choice of a “helping” profession and all that you have had to endure throughout the COVOD 19 pandemic.
Please know that we appreciate the efforts of each of you, doctors, nurses, PAs, office staff, and volunteers.
In a phase that Mom used often, “Thank You. Thank You. Thank you!”