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Keep Fighting!

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April of 2010. I believe my ‘Cancerversary’ was my night before my double mastectomy. My dog climbed up and laid on me. He laid his head between my breasts and cried. He cried long and hard like a human would. Of course I cried right along with him. After about an hour he got down. At that point, I realized that I had not really cried till then about my situation. So I held my dog and cuddled him for helping me through this. 

The next day my sister and brother-in-law went to take my dog, Bambie for a walk. They went when I was going through the surgery and he growled and would not let them get near him. So they left and went back after I was out of surgery. He greeted them with a wagging tail ready to go. Who says animals don’t care?! Bambie was very in tune with me through my whole experience. It would have been quite difficult to get through that without him in my life. 

I thank god for my strength to fight the good fight. I also thank my dear family and friends that were there for me. I was told that the chemo can affect you up to 10 years later. Well it has and in Sept. of 2018 I was diagnosed with 2 leaking heart valves. 

I had to fight again for I stopped breathing and had to get CPR. It was difficult but I got through it. 

Then in Oct. 2018 I was brought by Life Star to Hartford Hospital. They had to do CPR once again. I was in a coma for a while. When I came to I was told a blood clot broke loose and went to my lungs. I do not remember much till after they took me off the machine. I had to get my strength back up which took time and was difficult. 

That was not all for a couple weeks later I was back in the hospital. I did not know much about fluid buildup. When the nurse came to my place I showed her my feet. There was holes in the top of them where fluid was spurting out like a sprinkler. I found out the fluid had backed up so much that it was spurting out my feet. I had to learn how to tell when fluid was building up. So I went through a lot in a very short time. 

I would like to say to everyone going through the fight of your life to remember to fight, fight, and fight. You do have the strength inside you. You and the people surrounding you can WIN. So my best to all of you and just keep that fight going.