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Making a Difference in the Lives of Patients

The ripple effect is a situation in life in which when one thing occurs, it has a direct effect on other situations and the chain goes on and on and on.  At ECHO, we see this effect all the time – when one of our staff goes above and beyond and the positive impact ripples down to our patients and team members.

Below are 4 recent recipients:

Angelina Davidson

nominated by Tori Flowers

Angelina chipped in to purchase a pair of sparkly crocs for a patient who is just starting a new chemo treatment. I got to witness the patient open the gift and the love and happiness she expressed was just so amazing to witness.  She has one of the biggest hearts and it was so great to see.

Param Panchal

nominated by Carissa Contillo

We asked Param to translate for a patient to tell her she needed to go to her PCP to get her blood pressure meds adjusted. When we realized her PCP was in the building, Param walked the patient upstairs and waited for her while she made an appointment. Param went out of his way to make sure this patient was well taken care of and got what she needed! Thank you Param!

Annie E.

nominated by Sheena Chapman

Annie at the front desk is so caring with all the patients that come into the office. She offers them a snack or meal while here, as well as will offer patients to prepare them a meal to take home. She keeps take out containers underneath her desk and gives patients left overs from staff meals when appropriate. She goes above and beyond in the care she provides!

Alexa D.

nominated by Heather Kwasnick

Alexa at the front desk has a kind heart and shows empathy and compassion for our patients. In relation to a specific patient, she donated her pregnancy pillow to one of our patients who was experiencing difficulty with sleeping due to recent radiation for her breast cancer. The patient reported to me that she slept maybe only a few hours a night as she was unable to get comfortable. Alexa donated a massive, full body maternity pillow to the patient with the hopes that she would be able to bring some comfort to her…and she did! The patient reported that she “loves her pillow” and was “so thankful” for it. It is gestures like these that seem small but truly can be life changing for our patients. Thank you, Alexa, for your kindness with this patient.

Thank you to our recent recipients for all that you do for the comfort and safety of our patients.