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Setting up a an MTM ride (formerly VEYO)

Call 1-855-478-7350

Put in your active telephone number.

You will be connected to an MTM operator.

  1. Provide your Medicaid identification number. 
  2. Give your first and last name.
  3. Give your pickup address and the address for where you are going 
    • ECHO- 330 Washington St. Suite 220. Norwich 06360
    • Identify the office as a “specialty office
  4. Give your first and last name
  5. Make sure you get your ride confirmation number

Make sure to set up a round trip (both a drop off and pick up from home to office and vice versa).

Remember – it is the responsibility of the patient and/or family to set up the ride. Rides must be set 48 hours before your appointment.

If you have any concerns about your ride, please call:  1-866-436-0457