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Simply the best!

My primary doctor recommended ECHO Associates. From the very beginning. I was assigned a nurse and she walked me through the process so I would know what to expect and how I would feel. She explained every step of the process. 

The doctors are great. I especially love Dr. Kapur.  He even came to my wedding – that’s how close we got.

I spent a lot of time with the nurses because I come here every three weeks for maintenance chemotherapy. The nurses are fantastic! They are cut from a different cloth to say the least. Incredible team all the way around. 

This is not something you can just go through and have a nurse send you on your way. They become your friends. They become part of your family and are dedicated to taking the best care of you.   

Dr. Kapur is the best! Great staff and great nurses. Best office ever! Very personable and that’s a very important thing you’re not a number or just a face.

Even the front desk staff goes above and beyond. I’m a little crazy when it comes to appointments. When I have scans, Annie at the front desk knows how nervous I get so she schedules my scan on a Monday so I can see the doctor on a Tuesday morning. There’s no waiting, no anticipation. It’s perfect. 

As busy as this place is, if you call when you are sick, they call you back within minutes! They either arrange for you to come in, send out a prescription, or provide instructions from the doctor. It’s a well-oiled machine here and they make you feel like you’re not just a number. They know who you are – it’s great. 

The foundation volunteers are so nice. They walk around and ask if you need anything – a drink, a blanky, a pillow, or lunch. If you’re sitting there by yourself, which I never was, they’ll sit with you and keep you company.  They are your friends. This place is incredible and the volunteers are the best!

An oncology office is not where you want to be. But if I had to choose a place, I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Its comfortable, everyone is so helpful, and anytime I have questions or concerns, they are here for me. You can call anytime and they are here for you, no matter the time of day or how busy they are. Everyone is here to help and get you through your cancer treatment.