A Beacon of Light on Your Cancer Care Journey


ECHO Leads the Way in Cancer Community Care

80-85% of cancer care is delivered in the local community. For this reason, ECHO believes it is essential to advocate for our patients on a local and national level to ensure they receive quality, affordable, and accessible care right in their community.

In a series of interviews below, Dr. Dinesh Kapur discusses the value of community care and how important it is to voice the issues that impact our patients throughout this region.

Value of Community Oncology: Developing Artificial Intelligence Tools for Patient Care

The American Journal of Managed Care® recently spoke with Dr. Dinesh Kapur about the value of community oncology, clinical trials, and how staff are spending remote work days developing artificial intelligence (AI) tools for predictive patient analytics to improve cancer care.

Providing Critical Clinical Trials to the Community: The ECHO Footprint

Journal of Clinical Pathways spoke with Dr. Dinesh Kapur, managing partner and director of clinical research, Eastern Connecticut Hematology and Oncology (ECHO) Associates, regarding the unique identity the practice has in the oncology care space as well as its involvement in the OneOncology network.

Why We Joined OneOncology

Dr. Dinesh Kapur, MD talks with The Oncology Business Review about why Eastern Connecticut Hematology & Oncology decided to join OneOncology and the many benefits this provides from a  business, infrastructure, and technology standpoint.