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A Beacon of Light on Your Cancer Care Journey


Our ECHO Foundations Truly Impacts the Lives of Our Patients

ECHO is proud to have a unique, non-profit organization dedicated to providing support services, guidance, and education to cancer patients and their caregivers. Our goal is to address each patient’s individual needs so that no one lacks care or comfort while living with cancer.

Below are some of the ways the Foundation has supported our patients since the start of 2022.

Beacon of Hope

Provides snacks and coffee to patients who are receiving chemotherapy treatments. In 2022, the Foundation has donated over $2300 to help in this area.

Rock to Rides

Supports transportation for patients to their essential oncology care appointments. This year, the Foundation has covered the cost of 417 rides and donated over $8500 to support this need.

Holistic Health

Supports patients receiving integrative medicine care such as massage and acupuncture. The program is currently funded by a generous grant from After the Strom. In 2022, so far 24 patients have received these services at a cost of almost $3000. 

Other Support Since Start of 2022

  • Over $2000 in Stop and Shop gift cards were donated to patients to help with the cost of groceries and gas
  • 18 backpacks given to dependents of patients  
  • Over $2000 was given to patients who were in need of in rent assistance
  • Over $1500 was given in medical bill assistance )

The Foundation is fully operated by volunteers who have faced cancer themselves or with a family member. The Foundation is funded by generous corporate, business, and individual donations.