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Patient Testimonials

They are the best!

The kindness they show to all of the patients I know this first hand as I saw them treat my mom with TLC, as well as all of the other patients there. They are the best! Thank you for taking […]

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Keep Fighting!

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April of 2010. I believe my ‘Cancerversary’ was my night before my double mastectomy. My dog climbed up and laid on me. He laid his head between my breasts and cried. He cried […]

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A Mom’s Story

When my son was just ten and a half weeks old, I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease. One of my main thoughts was “Who is going to raise my child?” Even though my husband was 21 years old, he wasn’t […]

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Simply the best!

My primary doctor recommended ECHO Associates. From the very beginning. I was assigned a nurse and she walked me through the process so I would know what to expect and how I would feel. She explained every step of the […]

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